Autobiography — Галина Быстрицкая. Galina Bystritskaya. Артография. Artography


Autobiography10 April 1961 — born in Moscow, Russia

1985 — Master of Arts Degree, graduating from Faculty of Graphics in State Univercity of Printing Arts

Since 1992 — Member of Professional Artists Union in Moscow

1992 — awarded Golden Brush Prize

From 1982 on I have participated in a great number of group and personal exhibitions both in Russia and abroad: in Berlin, Paris and Belgrade

At present a number of my paintings

are kept in Russian Museums as well as in a lot of private collections both in Russia and abroad in such countries, as USA, Germany, Britain, Austria, France, Slovenia, Turkey, China, Israel, Canada and Japan

Several years of extensive travel resulted in a vast number of photographs, drawings and paintings along with travel notes. All these brought up the idea of an Artography Project. Using collage every double page on the Artography book turn into a hieroglyph of place and sensation. A constant search for tools with which to provide perfect accuracy of the message forces you to experiment. Attempting conservatively to keep in mind Aristotle’s unity of place, time and action, you strive to find that very specific art language that will turn out to be deeper, better structured and more up to date

Photography is a part of the process of creation. It is a useful way to fix images to be used later whilst constantly on the move. Also apart from a sketch album and notebook, a flash card is a tremendous safe in which to store for example color recipes, delicate details etc.

In recent years I devoted part of my time to travel, where I usually work a lot, another part to living in Paris, which is also very inspiring, and summer I mostly spend in my studio not far from Moscow

During 2010-2017 I was lucky enough to work in such impressive countries as Argentina and Peru, Vietnam and Cambodia, Russia and France, Portugal, Belgium, Rodrigues island, Italy, Panama and Georgia, South Africa and India. My lust for discovering has never seemed to be draining.

My latest project is to take a sea voyage to visit new places and obtain material to be used in new books and exhibitions. It’s important social experience for me, when group of comparative strangers are confined in ellimited space for long period with a coming purpose , becoming like a family, which working and resting in one rhythm like one body. It is of interest to observe to behavior of members of a nation which had historically exported its culture all of the world. Also to acquire knowledge about how traditional sailing techniques interface with modern technology.